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SURGIGUARD 75 S sterile reinforced surgical gown, SMMS - S

Code: S-404753-SR - S
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SURGIGUARD 75 S STERILE REINFORCED SURGICAL GOWN, SMMS, jersey cuff, thermal sealed seam, velcro collar closure, with frontal reiforcement in PE.

Rays manufactures and offers a full range of products to satisfy all needs of cutting-edge operating rooms. Among the others the exclusive sterile surgical gown SURGIGUARD 75, made out of an innovative SMMS material, composed of four layers of polypropylene filaments. SMMS material is very light and ensures high resistance against liquids and bacteria penetration and tensile strength, in compliance with EN 13795 standards. The sterile surgical gown SURGIGUARD 75 is completely seamless, thanks to the ultrasonic thermal sealing technique. This innovation assures stronger barrier and higher security . As a matter of fact to stitch a fabric it is necessary to pierce the fabric in order to let the yarn pass through: these micro holes can be easily penetrated by liquids and bacteria. Thanks to the thermal sealing the edges ar e overlapped and sealed through the ultrasonic heating, therefore there is no perforation nor tears so that even this potential risk is avoid.

Special SMMS material, water repellent
Ultrasonic thermal sealing
Total back closure with overlapping edges and four strings
Adjustable Velcro collar closure
Excellent breathability
No particle release
Package provided with 2 hand towels
Non-sterile also available
Light blue colour
Class DM Is
UNI EN 13795:2011
UNI EN 14126:2004 - Testing standard ISO 16604: 2004 (Bacteriophage Phix 174) Testing standard ISO 16603: 2004 (Synthetic blood testing)
Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL
Carton 25 pcs.

Brand: Rays
Size S